Mr. Benson Ochieng' Polo - HTThe school is a fast growing institution in the community. Started in 1997 under the headship of Mr. Ogogo and with Mzee Ismael Abuya Okere as the school management Committee chairman. The school has grown in pupil population hitting 972 pupils in primary section in 2008 and 197 pupils in E.C.D Section. This makes a total of 1169 in a school sitting in a 2 acre piece of land.
The school stands on approximately 2 acres piece of land; in the slums of Nyangubo where the most of the inhabitants are poor and earn their daily living by either hawking small items, sand harvesting and working in other people's homesteads as house helps.
The school has registered 320 orphans and the number keeps swelling. Since an NGO - Dadra Organization came up and offered school uniforms to the OVC. The school is now being viewed as a center friendly to the OVC's hence high population growth but with very little to offer for the school development.
The children are learning in a very pathetic situation; - dusty congested classrooms, poor sitting facilities and sadly, some goes with either one meal or none at all in a day.
Some of these problems are sometimes serious which can force teachers to come in and even request to take some of the very disadvantaged children to stay with. Some pupils opt to go for other jobs like scrape metal collections and hawking for daily bread.


Mr. Benson Ochieng' Polo

Head Teacher


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